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About Homely British Comforts

Here at Homely British Comforts we are proud to say that all the lovely items for sale on this site have been designed and manufactured in Great Britain. On top of this, where possible, all of the materials used in the manufacturing process have also been sourced from within the UK.

We travel to events across the UK with our retail stand to promote British Made products, as well as being online.

If you strive to buy British products then this is the site for you, we have for sale a superb range of delights that are both beautiful and functional all with exceptional high quality, and made to last. If your looking for that something special or unique item then why not make this your go to website, where you will find items for you, you home, your friends & family and also for your pet.

The products have been sourced by me Lisa Newman, I have scoured the UK looking for British made products of the highest quality, with added luxury and made using only the finest raw materials. I have found manufacturers from across Great Britain, who vary in size, right down to small artisan producers, British craftsmanship at its best.

By purchasing products made in the UK you are helping support the skilled craftsmen&women across the UK

Time to Relax and Get Cosy

About Me

I have always had a passion for manufacturing. I have over 35 years’ experience working in a manufacturing environment in the UK not only in the automotive and aerospace industries but have also spent the past 20 years of my corporate career in retail catering for clients in both the FMCG and luxury brand sectors.

From a young age I started a small business from crafting, however I had to give that up when I started studying for my career in manufacturing operations.

During the last few years of my corporate career I have been involved in products being sourced from overseas. This was extremely frustrating for me as quite often they required compromising in design and functionality whilst also being of inferior quality when compared to what can be manufactured in the UK.

Coupled with this when just going shopping items brought in from the far east, were not marked as such ,making it difficult for the consumer to know where the product he is considering buying had been made. Often items manufactured in other areas of the world have not had to conform to stringent environmental and quality standards that we have in the UK . So the UK product not only has less AIR miles it is also produced to meet environmental standards.

The environment is very important to me so therefore I have within my range of products some that that have been made from recycled materials, the candles and wax melts are produced from clean burn soya and where possible all packing used has been kept to a minimum and can be recycled.

The high stress, long hours of corporate life left me looking for ways to unwind and bring calm back into my life. A big part of this is my love for animals ,the countryside and nature which I surround myself with , I am lucky enough to have a lovely dog, horses, hens and some sheep to help me to achieve this.

After 35 years in the corporate environment I felt the desire seek a new challenge, something close to my heart. This led me to set up Homely British Comforts, combining my two biggest passions of UK manufacturing with lovely luxurious items that make life feel better, to be shared and enjoyed, enabling you to slow down, and savour those precious moments.